Dipping My Toe in the Second Half Century Has Been…

…let’s just say interesting and leave it there. I’ve learned a lot about myself…some funny, some ugly and some not for the faint of heart. This past year proved to be one of great challenge tapping in to every emotion…these are some of the things I learned along the way…

  1. Tattoos make for interesting conversation starters.
  2. People judge you as soon as they see your tattoo…I’ve been prayed for, tsk tsk’ed at and told I’m beyond forgiveness.
  3. People open up when they see you have a tattoo…I’ve been able to hear some pretty cool stories about other people’s ink and share about mine and my faith in the process.
  4. I prefer the latter group…so much nicer.
  5. Be careful what word you have inked…you’ll be given ample opportunities to practice it. Grace was inked on September 15th. All hell started breaking loose October 1st.
  6. Grace is given to those who don’t deserve it…that is the definition after all.
  7. Grace is hard to extend when circumstances (people) hurt your heart but it’s worth it.
  8. Blood is thicker in the end.
  9. Honey attracts. Vinegar just smells like a douche.
  10. It takes more courage to say you need help than to pretend all is well.
  11. Pretending is exhausting.
  12. I still rock at beach corn hole…ask Tyler my son-in-law. J
  13. Good friends feel bad for you; best friends cry with you.
  14. Everyone needs friends who show up in their PJ’s with wine.
  15. I just need to write the dang book. Thanks Mace!
  16. Hell hath no fury like a Mamma bear protecting her cub…no matter the age of said cub.
  17. Adult kids are a blast to be around…hang in there Moms of toddlers and teenagers.
  18. I AM a writer, so I need to sit down and write. Thanks Todd!
  19. God WILL allow more than you can handle. Whoever said otherwise is a liar.
  20. But when I am weak, then He is strong.
  21. Love indeed heals.
  22. It’s ok to say you’re not ok.
  23. 175 chickens eat and poop WAY more than 40…duh…
  24. I talk to myself…a lot…
  25. Fires and S’mores are therapeutic.
  26. I do not parent perfectly.
  27. Extending myself Grace is a must….but hard to do.
  28. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.
  29. My menopausal hormones trump an almost teenage boys hormones. Every. Single. Time. Bless.
  30. Parenting is THE hardest job on this planet.
  31. And the most rewarding.
  32. There is nothing more potent than a parent who prays.
  33. God is faithful.
  34. Your rebellious kid is watching how you handle them…Truth and Grace and lots of Love works wonders.
  35. Some of my ugly came rising to the top. Scrape it off and learn the lesson, quickly before it sours.
  36. Be careful when you pray for God to let you see people as He sees people….it will turn your world upside down.
  37. I’ve been to Africa but can’t find the parking garage where my car was parked in downtown Cincy. Shout out to the TWO sheriffs who escorted…I mean helped me…find it.
  38. People need space to figure things out.
  39. I can do way more than I ever thought I could.
  40. Therapy is not for sissies.
  41. Your words matter. So do your actions.
  42. My 7th grader will be the most schooled guy at the Jr-High on estrogen patches and progesterone levels.
  43. It’s amazing what you can do because you have no other choice but to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  44. You will get to where you are going, sometimes the process is just slow.
  45. People need to know you see them. And love them. Right where they sit.
  46. Two steps forward and one back is still forward motion from where you began…don’t give up!
  47. Somehow life gets instantly better in a golf cart.
  48. I don’t have to be perfect to try.
  49. I CAN do all thing through Christ but that doesn’t mean I have to do ALL things.
  50. God’s timing is impeccable.
  51. It takes courage to be vulnerable and real.

Lots of lessons learned this past year. Some I handled with Grace and some I learned while kicking and screaming. Still others I learned after I uncurled myself from the fetal position. I may have taken a time out to catch my breath here and there but I never quit. Here’s to the second year of my second half of a century.


Love you all something fierce!!


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