Super Chick From the P-3-1

I opened up my Bible

And what did I see?

There was the picture perfect woman

And she was looking at me.


At first I didn’t like her

My bling couldn’t compare

To the diamonds and the rubies

That was said to be her fare.


She had a reputation

For gettin’ ‘er done

She was the Super Chick

From the P-3-1.


That’s right! Proverbs 31 ladies!


The hubs he is so proud

And her children call her blessed

This woman does it all

And she doesn’t seem stressed.


She picks her wool and her flax

You see she is a weaver.

I look at her and think



She gets up in the morn

Without hittin’ the snooze

A gourmet breakfast for her fam

Her hands do choose.


She ventures into business

Sure to make a profit

There is no bread of idleness

Cause her booty? She stays off it.


As I closed the good Book

And I bowed my head to pray

I said to the Lord,

“I’m not this woman, listen to my day”


There is no gourmet breakfast

It’s Eggo waffles on the go

Grab your lunch and your backpack

You’ll be late don’t ya know?!


I get the kids on the bus

And I jump in the shower

I’ve got errands to run

And be back by a certain hour.


The bank and the grocery

Are both a must.

I have a 30% off coupon

So it’s to Kohl’s or bust.


I get back to the house

Just in time to meet the bus

Then there’s homework and projects

Enough to make you cuss!


Mhmmm…you know it’s true!


One kid has practice

And another a game

We meet back round the table

Papa John’s knows us by name.


As I lay my head down

To go to sleep that night

I think about my day

And know it’s gonna be alright


We’re all just women

Tryin’ to do our best

Lovin’ on our families

And forgettin’ the rest.


We each have a different way

Of gettin’ ‘er done

In the end?

We’re all Super Chicks

From the P-3-1!


Fiercely for YOU!!






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  1. I just loved it! You are a joy and a blessing to all of us…thank you! And Happy Mother’s day.

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