We Are Made For More (Part 1 Wildflowers)


I was walking a country road by my house earlier this month, praying through some things and thinking about some of my girlfriends and the things they were experiencing…fun things like new babies and grandbabies, a booming business, retirement, a new job, a quiet season of life. Hard things like a cancer diagnosis, aging parents, prodigal kids, divorce, accidents, worry….

As I was rounding a bend in the road I began to notice all the flowers blooming. They were in the fields, along side the road, beside a creek bed. They were blooming everywhere. It didn’t matter the terrain or the circumstance, there they were, standing tall and strong, flowers blooming with beauty, just simply being.

There’s the lovely grace of this one…


…called Queen Ann’s Lace. You will notice these on roadsides and in fields. From a distance they all look the same but upon further observation each one has its own distinctness, a delicate uniqueness.

Queen Ann’s Lace is actually from the carrot family and has a long edible root. When we are each being our distinct selves, bringing our varying looks, gifts, talents, personalities to the table we can not only feed off each other, we can feed others as well.

Imagine a world where women aren’t competing to be like each other, comparing and envying, backstabbing and putting each other down, gossiping and ganging up on each other, insecure and unsure. Instead of feeding others we devour each other. No.

We were made for more.

Women were meant to come together, bringing with us our unique selves so others can see fields of beauty and grace, the same but different and after having spent time with us, people walk away hungry no more.

We are like the wildflowers….full of beauty and grace.

Then there’s this gorgeousness tucked in here and there among fields of weeds…


…Tall Ironweed…the name is descriptive of her height and stem…tall and strong so she can rise up above the weeds and bask in the glory of the sun bringing the beauty of her color to the area around her.

We were made for more.

Imagine a world where women rise above, bringing beauty among the weeds. Imagine a world where women grow strong in the Word so they are confident in who they are and Whose they are so they no longer compare themselves to each other but bask in the beauty of who they were created to be bringing color to a dank, dark world.

We are like the wildflowers…full of strength and dignity.

This little blue flower can be found almost exclusively beside the road…


…Chicory blooms in the morning but wilts by noon, losing all her color. Not to worry she’s back the next morning blooming as bright as ever. Her roots can be roasted, ground and used to flavor coffee or as coffee itself. Cars pass her by without nary a glance.

You see, often times we (women) have days that make us wilt by noon (or sooner, yes?), having lost all color and feeling as if we blend into the background of dishes, diapers and daily grind.

We were made for more.

Even on our wilt-iest of days, we know that morning will come and with it new mercies and new blooms. We know that when life is hectic and busy and everyone is passing us by…we are not unseen. Our Father sees us and even when our blooms are wilted he will use our roots. Roots that are grounded in Christ bring the best flavor to a world who needs to taste grace and truth, mercy and love, wholeness and healing.

We are like the wildflowers…full of hope and flavor.

I was walking our property when I spotted this gem…


…the Orange Jewelweed who at first glance seems to be hanging from nothing. Looking closer you can see the delicacy of the connection it has to the main stem of the plant. Juice from the stem of this plant will relieve the burning sensation you get from a Stinging Nettle plant.

Everyone has gotten burned by a “Stinging Nettle.” Our connection to the stem…ahem…Vine (John 15)…is crucial for healing. You may feel like you are dangling dangerously close to losing your grip…it’s ok…don’t let go, that tiny connection is all you need to remain in Him and connected to the One who brings relief to the burn. Staying connected allows healing, healing allows growth, growth allows fruit, fruit allows others to see Who it was that applied the juice that healed the burn.

We are like the wildflowers…delicately connected to the One who heals.

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So many of you who will read this are like these wildflowers: full of grace, rising above, tall and strong among the weeds, feeling the wilt that life can bring but you keep getting up the next day blooming, and staying delicately connected to the Vine.

Just like the wildflower, you have no idea of the true beauty you exude by simply being you…you just are. The world could use more Wildflower Women like you….with grace in her heart and flowers in her hair. (Mumford and Sons)

Fiercely for YOU!


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7 thoughts on “We Are Made For More (Part 1 Wildflowers)

  1. Kim, I am at a loss for words to say how deeply this resonates with my soul. But you, my friend, have the words and have woven them with wisdom and grace to encourage, uplift, and show women a path toward a closer walk with Jesus. I will look at wildflowers with new eyes.

    Looking forward to part two.

    Debbie Klaene

  2. What a healing message! I have been looking at roots with similar kinds of thoughts. Keep us dreaming, Kim.

  3. I was in my yard this morning. Not much of a yard because we haven’t had rain in months, but I was thinking (less eloquently) this same thing about the dandelions and some other white flower that are persevering in this drought. I love your talent for words!

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