We Were Made for More (Part 2: Warriors)

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)


I turned 52 this month. If you’re 32 that seems old and if you’re 72 it seems pretty young. It makes me reflect. With the average age of a woman’s life expectancy in America being 82 (ish) I have 30 more years. Morbid? Maybe. But that reality is what drives me to want to live as was originally intended.

The word God uses when he creates woman is often translated helper or helpmeet, giving it more of a domesticated flair like hamburger helper or homework helper or meet-your-man-at-the-door-with-dinner-ready-helper. While there is nothing wrong with marriage and managing a household, if we leave it here we leave out a whole slew of women.

What of those who never marry, never have children, are now widowed? They are still women. Did God leave them out? Make them less than? Has their value dried up with age?

Not at all.

The original word for helper is Ezer…

The word ezer appears in the Old Testament twenty-one times—twice for the woman in Genesis 2:18 and 20, three times for nations Israel turned to for military assistance when they were under attack, and sixteen times for God. Whenever ezer appeared—for the three nations, obviously, but also for God—it was always within a military context. God is His people’s helper, defender, deliverer, sword and shield.

God’s daughter’s were named after his very own nature and character….a strong helper, defender with sword and shield. God didn’t create woman to be an assistant. She was created from the get go to be an equal, strong and powerful force, an ally to man. A warrior.


Sadly, however, we went from badass warrior to just plain bad with the crisp crunch of an apple (or so it’s portrayed in all the pictures.)


We’ve been living in the shadow of that tree ever since.


We were made for more.

It’s time for fierce Ezer’s to rise up to our original intent. To be what we were meant to be…strong and powerful women who fight for the good of the kingdom, who battle beside our brother’s for good. To be an ally. It’s time to step out of the shadow and into your calling as a warrior.

The shadow of that tree brings with it words like: insecure, gossips, illogical, emotional, afraid, can’t be trusted, high maintenance, catty, victim, damaged, not worthy, unseen, unlovable, unheard, hateful, mean, terrible friend, loud, too emotional, too fat, too thin, too ignorant, too strong, too weak, too pretty, too ugly, too soft. Too much and yet never enough.

We were made for more.

Being an ezer is more of an ethos then it is a vocation. It’s more about knowing who you are because of Whose you are in whatever role you are. It’s about understanding that you are made in the image of Almighty God who sees you, loves you and hears you. You are a woman of valor, strong and powerful not because of anything you do but because of who you were created to be.

Ezer women are:

Leaders like Deborah who led Israel to victory over the Canaanites when no one else would. (Judges 4-5) Many of you are leading your families, providing for, nurturing and loving your people because no one else would. Many of you are leaders in your workplaces, ministries and as volunteers.

Fighters like Jael who destroyed a great warrior with nothing more than a tent peg through the temple because he meant to harm her people. (Judges 4) Many of you are fighters, doing what you must do in order to survive, in order to save your people from harm. You are capable, creative, and clever.

Risk takers like Rahab the prostitute who agreed to hide men of God with the assurance they would save her and her family from destruction. She left her life of prostitution and would later become the mother of Boaz who married Ruth (another Ezer) who became a part of the lineage of Jesus found in Matthew 1. Many of you leave a life of less than to become something more. Risking everything you’ve known for something different, better.

Ezer women are:

Tender like Mary the mother of Jesus who spent her time rearing and nurturing the very Son of God. Loving, praying for, feeding, disciplining, training. Many of you are staying home to raise up the next generation of difference makers.

Tough like Esther who had the courage and grit to go up against the evil ways of a man who would see her people destroyed. Many of you are doing all you can to look evil in the eye and not flinch. You stand strong, unwavering in the face of ugly to save your brothers and sisters.

Doers like Tabitha in Acts 9:36 who was always doing good and helping the poor. Many of you work tirelessly for the least of these…those who are hungry, naked, or in trouble…often quietly and without fanfare. You just do.

Faithful like Anna who spent years looking for the coming Messiah. Widowed at a young age she never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying. (Luke 2:37) Many of you have spent countless hours praying for your prodigal friends, spouses, kids, for answers to hard questions. Worshiping even in the unknown and unanswered.

All Ezer women.




May we know them.

May we be them.

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Leave the shadow of that dang tree because…

We were made for more.

Fiercely for YOU!








6 thoughts on “We Were Made for More (Part 2: Warriors)

  1. “Ezer”; I like that! Definitely expands the concept of helper. Praying God uses my days to fulfill His purposes. I’ll be 75 this November. Hoping to live healthy to 90; more years to finish up well for Him.

  2. Kim, I have made a commitment to encourage all women who seek my advice to “go for it, Girl” because we can do more, be more than the world gives us credit for. I love the way you wrote this. Ezer strong!!

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