November Calendar with an Attitude of Gratitude


There’s lots of cliché’s that surround having “thankful” be the theme for November. I mean it is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving…giving thanks for family and friends, food and fun, oh and of course God and his goodness. And while it’s not rocket science, it does make a difference when you purposefully set your mind to be thankful. (If you rolled your eyes, huffed and puffed or shook your head…maybe you need it the most…just a thought. 😉

I have been researching and reading lots of verses on words like thanks, thankful, thankfulness and thanksgiving and I’ve discovered something: It’s hard to be angry and thankful. It’s hard to be discontent and thankful. It’s hard to be prideful, hateful or arrogant and be thankful. It’s like thankfulness is a light that outshines the ugly in us.

Maybe you’ve had a tough year and the last thing you want to do is be thankful. For what? you may be asking. Maybe you’re angry at God or the holidays are hard or you’ve lost someone you love. I get it. I also know that it is in those moments, when it is the hardest, that it is the biggest blessing as well.

According to Amy Morin from Forbes magazine, gratitude is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life. She goes on to give seven scientifically proven things an attitude of gratitude does which includes improving physical and psychological health, increases mental strength and empathy, better sleep, and decreases aggression (Lord knows we could use that in the world about now!).

What do we have to lose?

Here is your calendar of scripture reading. Simply click the link and the calendar will be downloaded to your device.


Because of the busyness of the season, I wanted to keep it simple so there will either be a handful of verses to read or we will hang out in the same passage for the entire week with questions to consider each day. You can choose to read more or the entire chapter if you would like. You can choose to write out the answers to the questions or simply think about them throughout the day. You can choose to do any of the activities listed…or not. Every Sunday you will get your questions to consider for that week.

So grab your Bible and journal and let’s get started! I thought we could do a little warm up these first few days and stay in the book of Colossians where there is something about thanks in all four chapters. (All questions are based on the NIV version of the Bible so some words/wording may be different.)

November 01: Read Colossians 1:1-14

~ List 3 friends you are thankful for.

~ List a person who has been your “Epaphra’s”

send them a note of thanks.

~ List 3 friends you will pray Colossians 1:9 over for the month.


November 02: Read Colossians 2:1-12

~ What is Paul’s purpose? (verse 2-3)

~ Does someone you know need encouraged today? Do it!

~ What are we to continue in verses 6-7?

~ Is your thankfulness overflowing? Attitude check here.


November 03: Read Colossians 3:1-17

~ There is much to be thankful for in these verses…

~ Write out/ponder on as many as you can…for example…

I am thankful for…verse 1 that I have been raised with Christ.


November 04: Read Colossians 4:2-6

~ Lots of “be’s” in these…

be prayerful, watchful, thankful, wise, graceful…

lots of questions to consider…

~ Which of these “be’s” do I struggle with the most?

~ How do I act towards “outsiders”?

~ Do I make the most of every opportunity?

~ Is my conversation seasoned with salt or simply salty?

I want to hear from YOU! Either comment on the blog directly or join the Facebook page Kim Wright Writes. What was one takeaway from this weeks readings?

Happy Thanks Giving!

Fiercely for you!


8 thoughts on “November Calendar with an Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Wow, It’s just day one and I’m already encouraged. I listed more than 3 friends. But also as I read the passage listed for today one thing that jumped out at me from verse 5 “just as in all the world also it is constantly bearing fruit and increasing” How thankful I am for those who came before me. The faithfulness of those early Christians and those that followed so that we can know Jesus, too. For my parents, my grandparents, etc. Thankful for my mom who prayed daily for me. It was an AHA moment when I realized because of her faithfulness, I got through less faithful times.

  2. I feel your questions are easy to follow but insightful. I struggle with today’s question about are we salt or just salty? Is there a difference? Love to hear responses. Keep up the great work Kim.

    1. Hey Shirley! Thanks for participating and the question! I believe there is a difference between salt and salty. We are called to be salt…seasoning this world with love, hope and good news by sharing the gospel, living out our faith and being the Church.

      Being salty can be a couple of different things: it can mean sarcastic with a sharp edge or simply too much seasoning.

      Think about it this way, the reason you season a dish with salt is to bring out the flavor of whatever you are seasoning or to preserve it.

      Too much salt ruins the dish and makes it inedible. The same is true when we season our lives and those around us. With the right amount of salt it brings out wonderful flavors (hope, love, good news, interest in the gospel, change.) Too much or over the top seasoning (ever been around an obnoxious Christian? Think street evangelist or legalistic people.) and you have ruined the dish (one walks away with no hope and wanting nothing to do with the Good News.)

      Our approach to people means everything….a sprinkle of salt goes a long way. Hope this makes sense and thanks for asking!! <3

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