Did God Really Say…

We sounded a little off. The handful of men singing bass weren’t loud enough to bring harmony to the overload of women who could sing soprano. (That’s a whole other post right there. 🙂 ) The altos were doing their best but the Easter cantata was in just a few days. The one first soprano who could bring the dramatic crescendo to the song of all songs couldn’t hit that high note if her soul depended on it…allergies. This rag tag team of volunteer singers needed a resurrection miracle before Easter Sunday. 

I sensed our poor choir director/piano player/costume designer needed some encouragement so I said as I was seated in the sea of sopranos something about God seeing how hard we’ve been working and bad practice means good performance. 

Someone piped up from the alto section; God helps those who help themselves. We have to work harder or he won’t bless this mess. 

This said in her best Southern Baptist church lady drawl, and with such conviction and authority that I thought for sure it was Biblical. It sure sounded like something King Solomon would say from his book of wisdom, Proverbs. 


Not only was it not a Proverb, it wasn’t in the Bible anywhere. But it sure sounded like it. I was too young to need hearing aids and too old to be duped by one-liners that sounded Biblical. Especially from someone who gave Saturday Night Live more material for Dana Carvey’s church lady act.

We live in a world of Social Media snippets, a maze of memes and Instagram images that resound as the very words of God when really they are twists of truth meant to trap and entangle us. 

Some of them sound so “for us”, like they are standing on the roadside with a banner that has your name on it, cheering loudly as you run your race. They hold up posters that say…

You can do ANYTHING! 

Do what makes you happy!

Follow your heart! 

Love yourself! 

Favored =favorite.

Dream big/hustle hard

You’ll never be given more than you can handle

You are enough.

And last but not least, written in my best southern drawl…

God helps those who help themselves

Have you fallen for any of them? I know I have. Just like I did in that choir loft many years ago, except that I’m not near as naïve now. I’m learning to hold what sounds good up against what I know is good…Scripture. 

I was texting a friend about this series and asking her some of what she sees women falling for. After some back and forth, I ended with this: 

These are exactly what I’m looking for! And YES to all of the above. I may not have any friends but Jesus after June but hey I’ll leave a truth trail sprinkled with grace anyhow. 

I’ve tussled with this series for a while now, afraid to offend. Besides that, I’m not an expert on anything or an uber popular writer with thousands of “followers”. I fall more in the category of chicken wrangler and weed wrestler. But the trap of half-truths and filtered frames are shouting our names more and more. We live in a world where we need whole truths and a panoramic view to see just what the enemy is doing. 

I hope you hang with me this month so you’ll see what I’m concerned about. I don’t want to sound like some grouch from the south that needs to get off her high horse…I was the receiver of such. 

But I want better for us women of faith! Don’t you? 

I can’t care if you like me because it’s not about me. I can’t care if the truth hurts because it’s what also sets us free. (John 8:32) I may never be a New York Times best selling author who needs to wash her face and I won’t apologize for speaking the truth. Though I will say to you (and me), Girl, Read Your Bible!

So with humor and grace, I’ll get the conversation started. Did God really say…


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