Monday’s Grace: A Prayer for the Worn Out and Overwhelmed

A foggy morning on the OBX before the sun rises.

You tell us to come to You if we’re tired and carry burdens beyond our ability to bear. So here we are, bowing before you, letting you know that we have indeed grown tired of doing good. (Galatians 6:9) 

So what now?

We confess to You that our schedules are overbooked and our souls are underwhelmed. 

We confess to You that we’re exhausted both physically and emotionally. And dare we say spiritually as well. 

We confess to You that it feels like the next thing that breaks may be the thing that breaks us. 

We confess to You that life has become a series of one foot in front of the other, simply getting through the day. No peace. No joy. 

We confess to You that a busy day has turned into busy weeks and here we are months later wondering why we’re feeling depleted and defeated. 

We confess to You that somewhere along the way we buried you under the busy. That we lost site of you somewhere between the loads of laundry and running from one thing to the next.

So what now, Lord? 

Come to Me…here we are, schedules in hand, hearts laid out, weary souls at your feet. 

Take up My yoke…we admit that the enemy sure makes this sound even more burdensome but we will trust You, Jesus, when you tell us that your yoke is easy and your burden is light. Show us what this looks like in the practicality of our days so we can find rest for our souls…just as You say.

Learn from Me…help us to be ever aware of Your teaching, of Your nearness, of Your very presence. Teach us Jesus how to be connected to You in such a way that come what may, there is peace. 

Just a few minutes later of the same morning on the OBX.

Remind us Lord that we are not the sum of what we do but Whose we are. Help us to stop in our busyness and notice You in the small ways You show yourself. Help us Lord to find sacred in the simple.  

Amen and amen.

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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Grace: A Prayer for the Worn Out and Overwhelmed

  1. Timely! Does that ever get old to hear? I have no real reason to complain, I just dream of a slower pace. I have to realize that it’s Satan whispering to me that I can’t keep this up. But in reality others are doing more, are busier, are burdened even more than whiny ole me! My time management stinks right now, my diet stinks right now my time with my Lord is not enough and I AM the one in charge of all that and need to make the changes!
    Thanks for the pep talk ❤️

    1. Just wait until Thursday’s blog when I share what prompts this prayer for us/me. 😜 Thanks for sharing and for reading Pam!! 💕

  2. Loved this post. Been spending a lot of time thinking about such things lately as I just finished a book about this topic. Thanks for the pep talk. Always nice to hear the words from a friend.

    1. I was thinking of you as I wrote that, remembering the first time I heard you speak about balancing life before life balances you! Hope you are doing well sweet friend! Thanks so much for reading! 💕

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