31 Days of Prompts & Circumstance


Welcome to the table of contents for a challenge I’m participating in called:

There really is no pomp and circumstance just me sharing the Prompts and Circumstance surrounding my thoughts on that day’s word. It could be spiritual, funny, challenging, personal or all of the above. If you are signed up to get my emails then you will receive each days post in your inbox. If you are not but would like to be, I would LOVE that!! (there is a “subscribe to” on the sidebar)

Here are the 31 days of prompts with a link to each day as it is written, making it easy peasy for you to find all the words with the links attached:

Day 1 Why

Day 2 Gift

Day 3 Problem

Day 4 Listen

Day 5 Other

Day 6 Notice

Day 7 Same

Day 8 Gather

Day 9 Join

Day 10 Scared

Day 11 Deep

Day 12 First

Day 13 Reach

Day 14 Voice

Day 15 Open 

Day 16 Avoid

Day 17 Consistent

Day 18 Active

Day 19 Strong

Day 20 Tell

Day 21 Person

Day 22 Sense

Day 23 Need

Day 24 Different

Day 25 Wait

Day 26 Accept

Day 27 Better

Day 28 Test

Day 29 Practice

Day 30 Memory

Day 31 Enjoy

Thank YOU readers of mine for your support, encouragement and love as I learn how to serve you better!


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