Running Your Race Well (Day 12 First)

It’s race day. My best friend since kindergarten Molly asked me to walk the 4 Miler at Ohio State with her. We had to estimate our finish time when we registered. I got a text from her that said in part: 

I was able to pull up your ticket # and approx time under your name and our team name. You funny girl! 1 hour finish! I put 2 hours!! 

You guys! We have no hopes of finishing first. We’re both in our fifties. We both have had several kiddos and way too many peanut M&M’s. We are in it for the sheer enjoyment of spending the day together and we get to end the race on the 50-yard line in the Shoe!! 

this is us…celebrating her youngest graduating from high school.

This reminded me of another high school friend. Her name is Doris and she ran the mile our senior year of track. She never ever won a race. Not one. She never came in first. In fact, she would still be running after much of the meet was done. Dead last. Always. 

She may have been the slowest runner many had ever seen but you know what? Coming in first isn’t always the most important thing. Here are some others that count too: 

She always stayed in her lane. 

She always ran her race. 

She always finished. 

She never quit. 

She may not have finished first but she always faithfully finished. May that be said of me as well. 

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2Timothy 4:7CSB)

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