It’s Simply Tuesday

Tuesday. It’s not Monday. It doesn’t have a camel meme announcing that it’s “Humpday!” It’s not thirsty Thursday. No one is looking to the heavens and shouting, T.G.I.F!

It’s Simply Tuesday. The most ordinary day of the week.

I need that. Maybe you do too? 

The past few months have been wild. I started to make a list of all the major things that have happened. Some beautiful. Some brutal. Some a brew of the two that we’ll call brutiful. 

My middle daughter had twins seven weeks early due to an abrupted placenta. I’ll write more on that later but just know what could have been was brutal, what resulted is beautiful. 

My dear friend lost his best friend of 36 years mid-August. We were at best friend’s funeral and was able to catch up with dear friends’ father who, just yesterday, passed away, less than a month later of best friend’s death. To lose two dearly beloved’s is brutal. To know our hope of heaven is beautiful. 

My sweet friend’s husband was being sentenced for a crime he committed. I sat in the courtroom watching the fate of a man’s life being given. The quiet shaking of her shoulders as the judge read the final outcome. Listening to the wails of his family. Observing the solemn faces of the prosecution. I couldn’t help but think, no one wins here. The support shown to my friend was beautiful. The reality sinking in, brutal. 

My almost 80-year-old Dad had his initial consultation with an oncology ENT just yesterday, where they are 95% sure it’s cancer on the base of his tongue. He is scheduled for a couple more tests. Once those are done it’s seven weeks of radiation and five rounds of chemo. While the treatment will be brutal, his positive outlook is beautiful. 

My prayer life has increased exponentially (which is beautiful because who else can take care of all of this but God?) as I am added to groups to pray for loved ones who are sick and dying or going through some really hard stuff (which is brutal to see happen.) 

And this is just in my tiny section of this great big world. 

The pandemic persists. 

The politics progress.

Social media keeps us in a state of thinking bigger is better, perfection is possible, and YOU are the enemy if you don’t think like me, act like me, look like me. 


So with nothing on my calendar and nowhere to go, I basked in the glory that it’s simply Tuesday today. 

I walked down the stairs and smelled the coffee brewing…telling me my man was in town and had prepared the pot and set the timer the night before. 

I cleaned my bathrooms…something that has been my Tuesday chore for many years but have been off-kilter with all that’s been going on…can you thank God for dirty potties that need cleaning and the time to do it? 

I walked out to the chicken coop and gave the girls some scraps…taking the time to watch them enjoy the fruit that was getting old, filled their water and feed buckets and collected eggs…paying attention to the colors, the smoothness, the warmth.

I walked in my garden, pulled some weeds and gathered the last of the green beans, several cucumbers and lots of tomatoes. I picked zinnias for the table vase and calendula for healing oil and salves. 

I watched a butterfly land on the flowers and a hummingbird get a nice long drink of nectar. I saw fish jumping in the pond and paid attention to the sights and sounds that let you know the end of summer is near. Nature does nurture, doesn’t it?

I came inside, washed the cucumbers, snapped the green beans and put them on for lunch. I determined I do indeed have enough tomatoes to make more juice but not until tomorrow. I hung the calendula to dry and basked in the aroma of all the herbs I have hanging on the ladder in my office.  

It’s Simply Tuesday. 

Sometimes we lose site that the ordinary is the extraordinary. The most scrumptious thing we can do is S-L-O-W down and savor the here and now, this very minute, the thing right in front of us. 

Sometimes it takes a season of hard things to appreciate the soft places that an ordinary day brings. The way it fills you up and satisfies the soul, allowing you to take a deep breath…the one you’ve been holding for far too long.  

Sometimes it’s the smallest things done over the course of time that makes the biggest difference. They’re the ones that change and shape your heart, like water over a stone. Slow. Repetitive. Steady. Deeply transformative over time. (Shaye Elliott) 

While I know I can’t make like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand, because, well, life happens, kids need us, friends struggle, bad news comes, sentences are given, diagnosis are told, I will be beholden to those extraordinary days of ordinary. For those days that I can say…

It’s Simply Tuesday. 


5 thoughts on “It’s Simply Tuesday

  1. This is just what I needed for today. It is Thursday now, but timely for the week I am having. I am a clinical therapist, walking through life with so many hurting people. If you can be free for an hour or so, Steve and I would love to meet you this Thanksgiving! We will be in Ohio.

    1. My youngest daughter is a mental health therapist so I get what you’re saying. It’s hard to walk beside the hurting. It’s why we need those days where we can say, “It’s simply Tuesday.” Thanks for reading Gina!

    1. That is so sweet of you to say! Nothing says “Keep going!” to a writer than to hear those words! 💕

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