Consider the Wildflowers

It’s pretty easy these days to let our minds wander with worry, isn’t it? Yet, Jesus tells us not to. I want to share with you four things to think about from my morning prayer and meditation. 

Read Luke 12:22-34 then consider this with me…

The wildflower doesn’t control the field in which it will grow. It could be dropped randomly from a bird. It could be a runner from an already established plant. It can find itself in a grassy meadow, along a roadside, by a fire pit, or mired down in clay. Shoot, it can even be seen popping through a crack in the sidewalk. 

So, too, do I find myself in a field…born into my family, with these parents, in this century, in this year, on this day, married to this man, with these kids and grandkids, in this town, with these neighbors. So, I ask myself, how much of this field was my making and how much was God’s? 

The wildflower doesn’t control what grows around it. It might be in an environment that has to fight for its life through thistles and thorns, crowded out by crabgrass. It can stand tall and glorious or find itself in the shadow of the great and mighty sunflower. 

So, too, do I have little control over what surrounds me or decisions others make. I am surrounded by political unrest, a pandemic in process, disunity, disillusionment, and disdain. I am trying to take care of my family, prepare for retirement, stay healthy and be kind and yet I cannot control the stock market or taxes or businesses shutting down or my 401K tanking or gaining. I cannot control a disease or whether you vax/not vax, mask/not mask. I cannot make hunger disappear or put every pervert behind bars. How much of my life world is my making and how much is God’s?

The wildflower doesn’t control the weather. Rain or drought, sunshine all day or overcast gray, she simply must stand tall in the midst of it all. 

So, too, do I not control the hurricanes life can throw at me nor the times of the driest droughts. Dysfunctional family. Sexual abuse. Loss. The rogue kid. The death of a parent. The diagnosis of another. The questions with no immediate answers or perhaps no answers at all. The floundering faith. The wonderings and wanderings. One poor decision. How much of my life world is my making and how much is God’s? 

The wildflower doesn’t control what type of flower with its color and shape, height and style. Depending on where she grows, she could be left alone to flourish and thrive or trampled down by cattle in the same field.  

I, too, grew up to be a certain type of person, a certain size, shape and color with a particular personality and gifts that are too be opened and used. Much of who I am was influenced by the forces around me as I was growing. Was it a struggle to thrive? Or was I nourished and well fed? How much of my life growth is my making; how much is God’s? 

Did you notice a pattern? There is much that is out of the wildflowers control. And yet, God. 

Easy to preach. Hard to be in the middle of the field wondering if that cow is going to trample you or cover you in manure…either way it’s easy to get caught up in trying to control the cow.  

For all that has shaped or misshapen me, for all that was in my control and out, for all the good and not so good, I am thankful that God takes all of those things and somehow brings them around for my good and His glory. If He is the same yesterday, today and forever then He will continue to do the same because life is still full of doubts and fears and cow poop.

I can rest in the space of no toiling, no trying, no spinning, no straining and simply be what he has called me to be…a wildflower in a field, being me. How much of me is mine; how much can be God’s? 

Would you consider the wildflowers too? 


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  1. Thank you, we just had an impromptu Bible time with the Bible reference and your wonderful writings!

    1. That is so cool! I would have loved to have listened in to your conversation! Thanks for reading and for allowing it to take you to a deeper experience with the Lord!

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