Being Seen: Truly

Wild Forget-Me-Nots because you are seen and not forgotten.

We live in a culture that screams loudly look at me! Vying for attention with social media posts: see me with my friends, see what I ate for dinner, see my accomplishments, see me being successful, see me, see me, see me. Please! 

Our houses are bigger and bursting with stuff. Our cars are faster and fancier. Our work weeks are longer. Our kids’ schedules are busier. We elbow our way to the top, push our kids to higher levels so they can “have it better than we did”…for what reason really?  Look at me. Please! 

We are a group of people that loves to be noticed. We are an exhausted people group. 

I’ve been guilty. It makes me wonder why. 

Every heart yearns to be seen. 

What happens when the biggest percentage of our lives is lived unseen? When 99% of every day isn’t what it appears to be on social media. Does any of that matter? Can we rest in the reality of the day to day, doing the things that no one sees, and be satisfied? What happens when we tire of the trying to keep up with the filters, picture perfect shots or being right because of the research you KNOW is true on YOUR side? Voices are hoarse as we out scream, out do, outperform. 

We show people what we want them to see but what does it look like to really be seen?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The Three in One sees each one…

The widow woman as she gives all she has. 

The crippled woman in the back of the room. 

The sacrifice made by the woman with the alabaster jar. 

The quiet faithfulness of Ruth, Rahab, Lois, Eunice and many others found in scripture. 

Beyond the adulteress woman’s sin. 

The woman at the wells future as He talks with her about her past.

Hagar in the wilderness. 

Hannah in her barrenness. 

Mary in her obedience. 

Deborah’s ability to lead. 

Aquila’s gift to teach. 

Each an example of being seen in the ordinariness of their day, their week, their life. Not on social media, not on a stage, not in a parade. But where they were at any given moment. 

He sees you…

You giving it all you have even on the days you have little to nothing to give. You are seen. 

You feeling crippled by life circumstances or the death of a loved one or a divorce or a disease. You are seen. 

You as you sacrifice for your family, taking care of the things no one sees, or seems to notice. Working hard at your job. Holding the hair of your child while they are sick in the middle of the night. Dare I say sharing the last piece of your favorite dessert. You are seen.

Your quiet faithfulness as you trust Him with your family, future, and feelings. Things are hard, yet you pray and trust. Things are beyond your control, yet your head stays bowed, knowing He sees you, hears you, loves you and will answer. You are seen.

You’re more than your mistakes. To be seen, truly seen, is showing up with your whole self, owning your story but not letting your story own you. That takes courage. You are seen. 

Your future is bright despite your past. You look back so can move forward and not make the same mistakes. You are seen.

You when you feel alone in your season of wilderness living. It’s in these places that we find out who we really are, what we really believe. Brene’ Brown says braving the wilderness is a call to courage. You are seen

You when your faith feels fruitless. Does it matter what I do? Does it matter when I pray, read scripture, be still, listen and try my hardest to walk in the ways of Jesus? It does. Even when. Keep showing, being obedient. You are seen.

You and your ability to lead. No, it’s not because there’s no one else available or you’re the last choice. It’s because you are the right person for the position. You are seen. 

You and your talents and gifts. They are called gifts for a reason! Don’t sit them on a shelf in their pretty packaging. Open them like a kid on Christmas morning. Delight in them. Use them and use them well. You are seen. 

You are seen by the One that matters. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

When I can rest in the assurance that I am seen by the One who matters, the unseen moments…those that are not shared on social media, filtered to perfection, loud and proud, prodded and applauded…are the moments that I feel most seen. 

My heart that yearns to be seen is full. 

Of joy in the simple things. 

Of gratitude even in the hard things.

Of love for the ordinary things. 

Of deep satisfaction for being seen by an audience of One. 

I am not a foregone conclusion, forgotten, or forsaken. 

I am seen. 


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