Hi. I’m Kim.

In the winter of 1981 my best friend asked me out on an official date. There we sat in his ’67 VW eating our McDonald’s French fries dipped in a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen when we decided to make it official…we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Thirty plus years after the wedding we’ve created a life together that includes a handful of kids, broods of chickens, a lot of growth opportunities, shared hopes and dreams, pain and grief, joy and cheering. We’ve fought hard with one another and for one another and by God’s grace we still like sitting together in a parking lot eating French fries dipped in a Peanut Buster Parfait!

I love a handful of things…

I love words. Spoken words. Written words. Words have the power to speak life into someone. Words can build up, sustain and move us. Words can take you to places you’ve never been and bring you back again. Words can create. Words can encourage. Words can speak hope and value and courage and beauty. Words can be serious or silly. Words can be used to heal and help. Words matter.

I love my little farm. I am a country girl at heart. I love my man, my family and my friends. I love to create a space where people feel better having been here and leave knowing they are loved and valuable. The front porch is my very favorite spot to sit a spell and talk about things; hopes and dreams and the real stuff people are going through. There’s something soothing to the soul to see chickens scratching, a garden growing and clothes hanging on the line. Family matters.

I love people. All manner of people. I love giving people space to simply be themselves. It’s not my place to judge; it’s my place to love. I want to be a safe place for people…messed up, wonky, broken people much like myself…to ask hard questions, to bring their worries, struggles, fears and thoughts to the table and know that we can talk about it with grace and goodness and compassion. People matter.

I love Jesus. I adore absolutely everything about Him: the way He’s for the underdogs, the outcasts and the least of these; how He’s all powerful but not power hungry. The way He teaches with such simplicity and yet such depth. I love the way He ticks off the establishment and rebels against the man-made rules. I pray hard that you might see a glimpse of Him through me. I want to be like Him. Jesus matters.

I’m fiercely for YOU!!